Our health care system is the most costly in the world, accounting for 17% of the gross domestic product with estimates that percentage will grow to nearly 20% by 2020, according to the National Healthcare Expenditure Projections, 2010-2020.

As employee health benefits outpace inflation, Cornerstone Health Care’s commitment to delivering quality health care that is both sustainable and affordable offers a partnership that employers can feel good about.

With more than 375 physicians and advanced practice providers in more than 90 practices across central North Carolina, Cornerstone is a physician-led and owned multi-specialty practice committed to the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Triple Aim goals:

  • Improving our patients' experience
  • Delivering the highest quality of care
  • Reducing the cost of care

Employers are increasingly turning directly to the physicians caring for their employees for help in meeting the same goals. Cornerstone welcomes the opportunity to work directly with employers to develop new and creative approaches to help them improve the quality of health care for their employees; engage employees in improving their health; and lower the cost of quality health care for both employees and employers.

Cornerstone’s approach to this challenge includes:

  • Analyzing employee and patient populations to determine the source of major costs and what is driving those costs
  • Changing the way we deliver care to be patient-centered, integrated and led by treatment teams
  • Changing how we are being paid for health care delivery to a system based on the quality and outcomes of treatment delivered, rather than the volume of services provided
  • Putting patient satisfaction first for every patient, every time

Cornerstone is building partnerships with local employers to help them design their benefits in a way that rewards employees for choosing quality health care providers focused on value, patient satisfaction and lower costs. For example, Cornerstone has partnered with the City of High Point to offer reduced co-pays for employees when they see Cornerstone doctors. Beyond savings for the employees, the program allows Cornerstone to work with the employer toward longer-term quality and cost reduction goals. Learn more about the City of High Point partnership here.

Employers interested in learning how Cornerstone Health Care can be their partner in providing quality health care at a lower cost, contact Mary Beth Nelson at 336-870-1476, or marybeth.nelson@cornerstonehealthcare.com.