Leslie Long Testimonial

Leslie Long is a busy mom. With three sons ranging in age from 9 years to 6 months as well as a job as a communications manager at a local church, her time is precious and the health and well-being of her children an utmost priority. Selecting Cornerstone Pediatrics at Westchester for her children’s care was a decision that involved a lot of homework as well as an effort to find the right fit for her family.

“When I was pregnant with my first son, I researched a variety of pediatric practices,” she recalls. “I did my homework—I talked to my mommy friends who were like me, and who were looking for the same attributes in a provider. I soon realized that Cornerstone Pediatrics had the confidence and experience that I was looking for. The actual personal reviews of other parents were what I most trusted.”

In particular, Dr. Sam has become a special part of her family. Initially, her older son was terrified of going to the doctor. Thanks to Dr. Sam’s amazing rapport and patience, her son now actually looks forward to going to the doctor. “My son can ask questions and Dr. Sam always takes the time to understand and answer those questions. He is amazing, and has worked on building a relationship with our son. The fear is gone. The trust is there!”

A native of Morocco, Rkia Benallal moved to the Piedmont Triad in 2000 from the Virginia Beach area where she was a student at Old Dominion University. Because she was fond of a certain creative writing professor at Old Dominion named Ellis, she was initially drawn to Cornerstone Pediatrics because there was a pediatrician on staff---named Dr. Ellis! Even though there was no relation between the two, nonetheless, this mother of four with children ranging in age from 21 to 11 was and remains very satisfied with her decision to choose Cornerstone Pediatrics and its own Dr. Ellis for her family.

“On my first visit to Cornerstone, my son was very sick, and I was a typical worried, some would say ‘paranoid mother’,’ she remembers. “However, Dr. Ellis quickly and capably put my worries to rest. Not only did he answer my questions completely, but he looked at my son when he answered our questions. He included all of us in the decision-making as we discussed the best approach for his care.”

Over the years, Rkia has found this same approach from all the Cornerstone Pediatrics providers. As the practice has grown, she firmly believes that the level of service has grown better as well. Strong communication, taking the time to listen, and creating a comfortable environment are why she has stayed with the practice.

“It takes a village to raise a child in today’s world, and I am so appreciative and grateful to be a part of the Cornerstone village.”