When I was 26, I was diagnosed with a chronic illness. I was scared and did not know what to expect. It was a blessing to find Cornerstone and I was thankful to have an MS Specialist so close to home. I met my neurologist, Dr. Sater, shortly after my diagnosis. Not only did he know a lot about MS, he listened to me  and my worries and anxieties of living with MS. He has been a part of my story of living with MS in a positive and healthy way.   It has been nine years  that I have been  a patient of Cornerstone Neurology. The check-in staff are very nice and over the years I have met almost all of the nurses. When I call and have a question, I get a response quickly. I can  get my bloodword and my MRI  in the same location that I see my doctor.  This year, I discovered  My Cornerstone Healthcare and have learned that I can schedule appointments and ask relevant question about my care  from my computer!  Cornerstone provides what I want in my MS care: knowledge, timely treatment, professionalism and kindness.      

Jessica Thomas
High Point, NC