Elizabeth Kiser Testimonial

You have given me just one more reason to love Dr. Paul Martin and his practice as a part of Cornerstone Health Care!  I received a phone call this week letting me know that the entry to Triad Neurological Associates will be made automatic for power wheel chairs.  I cannot imagine receiving such a quick and helpful response!  Thank you.  And if you ever need someone to write a testimonial I will be happy to oblige!

You have been so responsive to my request that I feel almost greedy in asking for anything else.  But I am wondering if your landlord might have insurance that might pay for repairing the arm of my chair.  I have no idea what the cost would be but I do know that nothing I have had done to the chair has been cheap!

As I said, I truly am taken aback by the immediate response to my concern about the door and if there is nothing that can be done to pay for repair to the chair, so be it.  I still think Triad Neurological Associates and Cornerstone Health Care are, by far, the best medical group I have ever dealt with!

Thank you for all you are doing for me and for others.


Elizabeth Kiser