Success Stories

Cornerstone Health Care is committed to providing the best care to every patient and family that we serve. 

Jessica Thomas, High Point, NC

When I was 26, I was diagnosed with a chronic illness. I was scared and did not know what to expect. It was a blessing to find Cornerstone and I was thankful to have an MS Specialist so close to home. Read More


Adrienne Cregar Jandler, High Point, NC

Super pleased with Cornerstone Healthcare...if you're considering changing primary care docs, they're great. Staff is friendly, patient and professional. Not only was I able to get an appointment for today, but I was in at 1:00, seen right on time, and was able to have an exam, blood work and chest x-ray done - all on-site - in under an hour. By 2:05 I was picking up a prescription at the pharmacy. Outstanding patient experience.


Leslie Long

Leslie Long is a busy mom. With three sons ranging in age from 9 years to 6 months as well as a job as a communications manager at a local church, her time is precious and the health and well-being of her children an utmost priority. Selecting Cornerstone Pediatrics at Westchester for her children’s care was a decision that involved a lot of homework as well as an effort to find the right fit for her family. Read More

Linda L. Dieball

On both of my visits, my waiting time before seeing the nurse and the doctor was very minimal; which to me shows consideration for the patient. Overbooking patients seems the norm in many practices. I enjoy the thoroughness of both nurse Valerie and Dr. Nnadi. I can tell from the manne in whic I am treated that I am a person and no just a number. They have my best interests in mind. That's refresing. Also, I commend Dr. Nnadi for listening to and working with me if I have a difference of opinion re: medication. She is a personable doctor and not just a doctor. Thank you.

Improved Sleep

began going to Cornerstone Family Practice of Trinity back in September. I have been nothing but impressed by the office. Nancy Keeler is wonderful-quick to listen, attentive and right on top of things until the issue is resolved. She will prescribe medications as needed but has been just as quick to offer some alternatives for back spasm-i.e. back massage, stretches.

More recently, I was fitted with a mouthpiece to prevent snoring after a sleep study revealed I snored excessively. This resulted from a referral from Nancy. It has been months since I have slept as soundly and through the night as much as I do now.

The front desk staff - Kathy and Teresa - are also great!! They are always so friendly and willing to help. The nurse Kelly has been so wonderful to answer my questions and quick to apologize if I misunderstand something. I was amazed at her humility for apologizing for something that was probably really my fault in miscommunication. Kudos to this office!! 

Dr. Warren Stacks - "You're an amazing doctor and an awesome person"

Dr. Stacks,

I just wanted to thank you so very much for all that you did for my brother. I really appreciated the great job that you did. You listened and were so nice every time we came. I especially appreciated the fact that you took time to talk to him in spite of his bad speech impairment. Most people aren’t as respectful as you were and that really touched my heart and his as well. He said several times how much he appreciated your kindness towards him.

He did finally get home to England and is doing very well right now. I think the extra time really helped.

I had prayed for a long time for a doctor who would be understanding of him and the Lord answered my prayers through you. You’re an amazing doctor and an awesome person.

Thank you again for everything! In Christ, (patient’s brother) 

Dr. John Walker - "We had the most extraordinary experience with your Neurology Department..."

Cornerstone Neurology - Westchester

Dear John,

I am the parent who approached you at the Saturday morning get-together and told you about my concern over what I thought would be a delayed response to MRI results for my daughter.

We had the most extraordinary experience with your Neurology Department and I'd like to take a moment to tell you about the care we received. Read More

Elizabeth Kiser

You have  given me just one more reason to love Dr. Paul Martin and his practice as a part of CornerstoneHealthCare!  I received a phone call this week letting me know that the entry to Triad Neurological Associates will be made automatic for power wheel chairs.  I cannot imagine receiving such a quick and helpful response!  Thank you.  And if you ever need someone to write a testimonial I will be happy to oblige! Read More