Key Physician Committees

At Cornerstone Health Care our physicians are our foundation. Physicians within Cornerstone have a unique opportunity of leading our group through various committees.


Compensation Committee

The compensation committee is charged with studying and making recommendations to the board for any changes to physician income distribution policy for the company.

Conflict of Interest Committee

This committee is responsible for reviewing material for conflicts of interest that may arise in the company, developing management plans to properly engage in conflicted relationships and monitoring ongoing management plans. 

EMR Working Group

This group of providers and IT staff works to improve our electronic health record.   

Finance Committee

This committee is responsible for providing general oversight for the finances of the company.   

Home Improvement Team

This group of management and front-line employees focuses on encouraging, promoting, and educating staff on organizational initiatives on a monthly basis.

Human Resources Committee

The Human Resources Committee is responsible for providing general oversight for benefit and employee policies and programs, including our wellness program.   

Office Manager Monthly Working Group Committee

These monthly meetings focus on educating and informing office managers of organizational initiatives and encouraging office managers to relay vital information back to their practices.   

Patient Advisory Council

Represented by our own patients, this committee provides a formal communication vehicle for patients and families to take an active role in improving the patient experience.  The council focuses on discovering what programs and practices represent the most successful patient and family experience within the organization and helps to replicate and share those best practices across the entire organization.

PEAK Committee

(Patient Expectations Are Key)  PEAK focuses its efforts on the patients' experience of care and opportunities to improve future experiences.  

Practice Standards Committee

The Practice Standards Committee is responsible for providing general oversight for the complete compliance program as well as reviews and sets standards for adoption of operational policies and protocols necessary for the organization. 

Quality Committee

The quality committee is responsible for ensuring that evidence-based medicine and high quality care are reliably provided throughout the company.    

Utilization Review Committee

This committee is responsible for monitoring and reviewing utilization of care delivered to identify cost-effective methods for providing high-quality care and reduce practice variation and excessive use of care.