Cornerstone Health Care Foundation

The Cornerstone Health Care Foundation was established in 2008 following the untimely death of Dr. Jim Errico, a practicing ophthalmologist and a member of the original Cornerstone Health Care board of directors. Conversations were already underway to begin the Foundation, but the overwhelming response to the loss of Dr. Errico compelled the Cornerstone family to move forward in realizing the dream of its own charitable foundation.


Foundation Purposes

The Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization. Echoing Dr. Errico’s passions, the purposes of the Foundation are:

  • Encourage youth in the region to pursue health care careers
  • Facilitate programs to benefit the health and welfare of area elementary, middle and high school students
  • Facilitate funding of health care for medically underserved populations

Youth Programs

While most students are familiar with clinical jobs in health care, there is a lack of knowledge of the many non-clinical jobs that can provide stimulating and secure career paths. By educating youth on their career options, the Foundation believes that we can benefit the local economy and provide new options to youth as they plan their future.

Foundation programs for youth include Middle School Field Trips and Camp Cornerstone.  


Foundation Events

Middle School Field Trips

The Foundation invites groups of 40-50 7th grade students on field trips to Mills Regional Health Education Center where they learn about career opportunities in health care.  More than 100 students have now participated in the career exploration program. 


Camp Cornerstone

The Foundation sponsors a summer camp for rising 11th graders that includes orientation, three days of shadowing a Cornerstone physician and a visit to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. A mentoring program is available for camp graduates.